Get Relief From Expensive Assigned Risk
Workers' Compensation.

How to lower your comp cost

It's Easier Than You May Think

You probably got stuck in assigned risk because your agent didn’t know how or where to place your coverage. This is a costly lesson I hope you never have to learn again. Even if you had an unacceptable loss ration we can still often save you a considerable amount of money over assigned risk.

We make the solution simple - it's a matter of economics of scale. You can experience tremendous savings by allowing your employees to be insured in a group with thousands of employees thereby spreading out the risk. There is not a one-size fits all solution but rather a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Fundamentals of Cost Containmant

Reasons your workers' compensation costs are so high.

Wellness Program

Wellness in the workplace. Incentives for wellness, types of wellness programs.

Injury Management Best Practices

Reporting and documenting claims. Post-injury response procedures.

Saftey and Loss Control

How to develop an effective safety program. Accident investigation program.

Skills and Specialties

HR Services That Provide a Platform for Profitability

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services provide a comprehensive employee leasing solution that includes workers compensation, payroll services, 401K management, health, medical and life employee benefits. By leasing employees to a PEO a business owner can concentrate on core business aspects and allow the PEO to handle all the administrative, time consuming tasks of running a business.

PEO’s have a lower cost for workers’ compensation, eliminate down payments, remove premium audits and perform risk management. PEO’s also have lower health & dental rates, lower cost for SUTA, and can save you valuable time by handling all payroll services.

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Here’s how a PEO can help:

Affordable employee health insurance and benefits

Attract and retain top talent by giving your employees access to Fortune 100-level benefits. Choose from a range of benefit packages from a variety of well known insurance carriers.

Ongoing health care reform support

Ever since health care reform was enacted in early 2010, we’ve been reviewing and analyzing the law. We’re ready to take on the increased compliance and complexity, shielding you from many costly penalties.

Stress-free payroll and HR administration

Reduce payroll, accounting and benefits costs along with employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time. Your PEO will make sure your payroll is always on time, while handling all your related taxes and employment verification needs.

Complete government compliance

Limit employer-related liability by allowing your PEO to handle most government reporting, agency interface, unemployment claims management, and wage claims and audits.

Dedicated HR support

Get a team of professional HR specialists who can lend a helping hand with day-to-day HR duties as well as employee recruitment, retention and management.

Our Specialized Skills

Single-Family Housing Construction
Finish Carpentry Contractors
Multifamily Housing Construction
Amusement and Recreation
Temporary Help Services
Drywall and Insulation Contractors
Home Health Care Services
Landscaping Services
Business Support Serivces
Surveying / Mapping Services
Residential Remodelers
Fitness & Rec Sports Centers

Our Team

Tom Mack

Tom is passionate about business and helping other business owners become more efficient, profitable and happy. Yes, he arranges happiness.

Tom is a marketing genius, his marketing company is home to one of the largest mailing list and email databases in the country. They have detailed information on over 1 billion US consumers and businesses. If you ever need marketing data, give Tom a call.

Tom and his wife Mary call Central Florida home. Most of their children are grown and living their own lives now. Just one left in High School and she is a senior this year.

Here’s a few things that makes Tom tick – Rotary International, Youth Mentoring, Boy Scouts (he’s an Eagle Scout), Fly Fishing, Volunteering at Church, Orphans, Adoption, Hot Air Ballooning, Kayaking and more.

Jack Cunningham

Jack has retired and come back to the marketplace a few time now. He just can’t keep away from what he loves.

Jack is a great guy to hang around with, he always has a story to tell and some valuable wisdom to impart.

As you might have gathered from that Hawaiian shirt, Jack is one serious party animal.

Marijoy (Joy) Cacho

Joy is the mother of 5 super smart children. Her oldest son is studying to be an aeronautical engineer. I bet he gets all those smarts from his Mom.

Joy heads up our consultants team and really loves freeing business people from the bondage of day-to-day admin tasks. Do you have any idea how much time you spend on non-income producing activities? Outsource everything that is not making you money. Joy will show you how.

Genevieve (Gen) Silva

Gen is married with a son who is two years old. She is one of our most valued consultants and has a knack for understanding the most complicated business problems and communicating straight-forward, easy to understand solutions.  

Have a complex problem – call Gen.

Christine (Charm) Larracoechea

Christine and her husband have one son who is just over a year old. She has extensive experience in HR Consulting and commercial insurance.

Christine will show you how to keep the best part of your employees – their skills and talents while removing all the liability that comes along with having employees. You can truly have your cake and eat it too.

Merry Desoza

Merry is not just her name, it’s her personality. Need a pick-me-up, call Merry. She handles many of our back-office tasks, mailings, social media and websites.

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About Our Company

Our Passion Is You

    Whether you call it Workman’s Compensation, Workmen’s Compensation, Workers’ Compensation, Work Comp, or Workers Comp, it is still the same, silent budget killer. Workers’ Compensation is one of the most complex and confusing components of your insurance budget. Premium audits, experience modification factors, classification codes, reserve reviews, and state regulations & statutes all add to the chaos. The question as to whether your company is being overcharged is not an easy one to answer. Only by working closely with your carrier or your insurance agent can the answer be found. Errors and overcharges occur in over 50% of all policies.

    Specialty Comp Consultants has the experience and expertise to wade through all of the confusion and help your company reduce its insurance budget. We have had great success in the past auditing premiums, verifying e-mods & class codes, double checking rates, and helping employers resolve disputes with their carriers. Your money could be in the hands of your insurance carrier. Get workers comp advice now and get that cash back where it belongs.
Reduce Workers' Comp Cost

PEO Growth

Human Resource Outsourcing continues to grow with PEO’s being the perfect solution for many businesses that want to eliminate the hassles of employment administration. A quality PEO can help you attract and retain superior employee’s, reduce your employment liability, enhance your benefit options, minimize transactional HR, improve productivity, ultimately increasing your profitability, all while allowing you focus on running your business.


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Work Comp Secrets

Why you got STUCK in Assigned Risk and how to get out!

A Better Comp Pool

The right workers' comp pool can make all the difference when it comes to saving money on premiums. Bigger pools spread out the risk and lower your costs.

Is A PEO Right For Your Company?

Maybe? PEO's are not for everyone but you owe it to yourself to do a through investigation. You will be surprised at the mountain of benefits that await you.

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