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It’s time you Get Relief from ASSIGNED RISK and outrageous Workers' Comp premiums.

The PENALTIES imposed by the State for participating in the Workers' Comp JUA / Assigned Risk pool are severe.

In Florida the penalty is a whopping 75% surcharge plus a $475 fee.

If you were paying $29,000 in workers' comp premiums before... it’s costing you $51,225 PLUS surcharges for any new experience mods.

This constitutes a Financial Emergency

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Simply complete our request for proposal, send us a few documents,
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1.   Please complete our Request for Proposal:     Click Here

2.   Copy of your most recent UCT-6

3.   Copy of your current payroll register and the total number of active employees.

4.   Workers’ Compensation Dec page or monthly audit showing modifier, discounts, and class codes.

5.   3 Year of Workers' Comp Loss Runs and/or OSHA 300 Log, this information is needed and necessary.

6.   If Medical Insurance Requested:
      • Current Census completed
      • Current Plan Summary i.e. co-pay, deductibles, out of pocket maximum, etc.
       • Current Pricing & Renewal date i.e. employee, employee/spouse, employee/child, family, etc.

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